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Keep control of your transports

oPtc is an innovative solution that allows shippers and logistics service providers to control and monitor in real-time their transport flows.


1. Centralize the data of all your transports

We assure the track of your orders by collecting and centralizing your Carrier’s data on a single portal.

2. Share information to your staff & customers

We share in real-time the information collected from your customers and partners on an innovative and ergonomic interface.

3. Pilot your supply chain easily

We detect all anomalies promptly allowing you to  anticipate events and gain productivity.

Discover the plateform

The oPtc platform positions itself as an operational and financial control tower and allows you to organize, track, control and bill 100% of your transport flows.

+ 5 000 000

transport orders

per year

+ 1 800

daily users of s'oPhone mobile app

+ 2 000


Our partners

Our customers


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